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What If Bankruptcy Is Not Right For Me?

Getting out of debt is hard. Unforeseen circumstances such as severe illness, sudden disability, divorce or a death in your family can all lead to mounting debt that becomes unmanageable. There are myriad other situations that can result in overwhelming debt. Whatever your situation, when you work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can begin to develop the steps to a strategy that will effectively address your debt issues.

At Regazzi Law, LLC, we get it. We use our extensive experience to provide solutions, not judgment. We will be by your side, every step of the way – not just through bankruptcy proceedings – but also when an alternative to bankruptcy is the debt relief answer for you.  

What Now?

When your situation does not qualify for debt relief through any of the chapters of bankruptcy under federal law, we can help you explore other methods. When you are contending with creditor harassment, worried about the loss of your home or repossessions, some relief may be achieved through:

  • Debt consolidation: Putting all or most of your debt in one place with one interest rate could be beneficial. Consider obtaining a loan from family, local credit union or bank. You can also contact a debt consolidation agency to negotiate with your creditors.
  • Debt settlement: Negotiate with each creditor to seek their acceptance of a lower or lump sum payment.
  • Creditor lawsuits: State and federal laws protect you from harassing creditor calls and unfair business practices. You may have a right to bring action against your creditors for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.
  • Modifications and foreclosure actions: A mortgage modification could save your home. We will defend your home or business against foreclosure actions by your bank.


Each of these methods are complex, but with our experienced attorneys in your corner, it could prove to be the right path for reducing your financial stress.  

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