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The federal government’s Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, which is financed by payroll taxes, offers financial assistance to those who are unable to work due to a disability. However, receiving SSDI payments is not easy. The majority, 4 of 5, initial applications end up being turned down. SSDI application procedure becomes all the more difficult for those who do it themselves.

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Do you have trouble receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

We frequently meet clients who attempt to represent themselves in court. The procedure is a complicated tangle of documents, medical documentation from treatment providers, and reviews by social security specialists. In the end, it can get stressful and exhausting.
Considering the intricacy of ever-changing federal rules, you can understand the value of having specialists on your side.

How We Can Assist You in Claiming Disability Benefits

Applying for SSDI and/or SSI can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure. Hire us to do the legwork for you and ensure that the SSA has enough evidence to make a totally favorable judgment on your claim.

Here are a few examples of what we can accomplish for you:

  • provide detailed, convincing applications;
  • collect and submit medical records and other special proof to back up your claim;
  • attend with you or represent you at any interview, conference, or hearing with the SSA;
  • submit timely appeals if you are rejected;
  • prepare you and your witnesses for a court hearing;
  • seek an “on-the-record decision” and/or “dire needs” request to expedite your claim;
  • ensure that you are collecting all of the disability benefits that are owed to you and your family;


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SSDI Eligibility Requirements

The Social Security disability insurance program (also known as “SSDI” or “DIB”) provides payments to you and eligible family members if you are:

  1. disabled and
  2. fulfills the program’s insured status condition.

To be covered, you must have a sufficient number of Social Security “credits,” which you earn by working and paying Social Security taxes. Most individuals require 40 credits to be eligible for benefits, although younger people may be able to qualify with fewer.


Determining Disability for Purposes of Social Security Disability Insurance

A few questions on this step-by-step process can determine your disability status. These are:

If you work and your monthly wages average more than $980, you are not deemed handicapped.
If you do not work, your claim is routed to the next question.

For your claim to be evaluated, your disability must interfere with basic work-related tasks. If not, the SSA will determine that you are not handicapped. If your disability prevents you from doing fundamental work-related tasks, your claim advances.

The SSA maintains a list of medical illnesses that potentially establish a handicap for each of the major bodily systems if the requisite medical findings and symptoms as indicated in the list are met or matched.

If your medical condition and its associated symptoms meet or equal the specified criteria, the SSA will determine that you are disabled. If they do not, your claim advances to the next item.

If your illness is severe but does not meet or equal a listing, the SSA must then decide if it interferes with your capacity to perform your “previous relevant job,” or the work you did before becoming claiming disability. If your condition does not, your claim will be denied. But if it does,then your claim moves to the next question.

The Social Security Administration will assess whether you can undertake any other occupation given the constraints caused by your medical conditions, age, education, previous work experience, and any transferable skills you may have. If the SSA determines that you are unable, your claim will be accepted. Your claim will be dismissed if you can adjust to other work.

We can assist you at any point in the disability claims process

Regardless of where you are in your claim process, we will strive to get the best possible result for you.
We will also keep you in the loop every step of the day and we do encourage you to be informed and participate in the legal process.
You will get to work with our expert New Mexico social security disability attorneys to evaluate claims, strategize, and obtain records or assistance from your doctors, family, and friends.

Regazzi Law has extensive expertise analyzing SSDI claims and guiding clients through the whole eligibility determination process.

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